Bedside table

The chamber pot may have disappeared, but what used to be its support, the bedside table, has continued down the centuries. The proof that its usefulness quickly exceeded the nocturnal needs of those sleeping next to it. Thank goodness... Today one would hardly envisage installing a bed , without thinking of its two faithful companions (or one for a single bed). The bedside table may be small but it is essential, and if it can also be elegant and functional then so much the better. After all you don't exactly sleep with your jewellery, watch, telephone or medication. And for those who love reading before they go to sleep, it is essential to have somewhere to put the books or magazines, securely held between two  book-ends . So even when sleeping, a table is essential, something at just the right height, a reminder that day follows night and that soon all those items will be needed again as the business of the day starts over. Read more


A designer bedside table: giving shape to your dreams

Square, round or triangular... in the field of human sciences the specialists often talk of the shape of dreams: triangular energy, circular harmony or the equilibrium of right-angles. What sort of dreamer are you? What shape should your bedside table be? A designer bedside table for those seeking triangular or square shapes, the "Delta" and "Baron" ranges offer an up-dated contemporary look. For a rounded shape, the more classic wooden bedside table, such as the "Pearl" model, would be ideal. Our catalogue also includes the more classic square styles, inspired by Louis XV or Louis XVI furniture.

A bedside table that is just the right size

Your choice of bedside table will also depend on the use you make of it. The size of the top, the number of drawers... Some are more minimalist (a watch and a phone, nothing else...), while for others it becomes their secret universe, with neatly aligned trinket trays. One to four drawers, a single top shelf or a set of shelves arranged vertically... The wide Saulaie selection offers you the choice to ensure you find exactly the storage capacity you need... 

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