Champagne cooler and ice bucket

Champagne! Whether it is to celebrate an event or good news, to be really magical those very special moments call for champagne. It is always a delight to add that extra sparkle to a party, but bubbly simply must be served and remain chilled. To ensure the service is up to the standard called for, whatever the occasion, what better way than to place the precious bottle in a practical, useful and attractive champagne cooler. Read more


To be totally honest, a champagne cooler is not absolutely essential, but, next to the champagne flutes, it undeniably adds a certain class! Indeed for some, it is even considered an important part of quintessential French "art de vivre". A status that, even if truly merited by the large champagne cooler, is also extended to the more humble ice bucket. And why not? After all an elegant ice bucket is the only way to bring those essential little cubes of ice to the table or sideboard when serving drinks, the plastic tray remaining firmly where it should be - in the freezer!


Champagne cooler in acrylic or metal

The advantage of ice is that almost any material or covering can withstand it. The cooling effect is the same, whether it is a champagne cooler in acrylic or a model in stainless steel, with woven water vine. Only the ambiance changes. Sobriety and modernity on the one hand, a more classic style with a hint of the natural world on the other, the choice is yours according to where the champagne is to be served. For those truly exceptional moments, Maison Saulaie has also chosen to present a range a top of the market items, such as the silver plate champagne cooler from Ercuis, hooped and elegantly set on three feet. A second model offers classic side handles and is raised on a low foot, made in Italy it will mark the solemnity of any event. The selection of ice buckets offered by Saulaie also present the same range of materials and levels of luxury.


Leather ice bucket: a Saulaie favourite

This insulated ice bucket offers an alliance of materials and colours that is totally inspired, with its brown leather handle and wooden base. An irresistibly attractive item it comes with a matching lid, stitching that matches the colour of the leather and a small handle on the top with copper-coloured fixings. A particularly practical design, which is far from being a disadvantage, with a removable inner bucket in stainless steel that simplifies cleaning. 

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