Salt and pepper cruet

Some like it salty, others like to pepper things up. Since everyone's taste is different, avoid the problem by ensuring your table always offers a salt and pepper cruet. So, go easy on the seasoning in the kitchen and everyone can add just the amount they like for a perfect result. But in that case why not use something that is as attractive to look at as it is practical to use? And above all avoid rushing out to the kitchen at the last minute for the peppermill or a little bowl of salt prepared in a hurry.  Read more


 Salt cellar or salt shaker?

Very often a salt shaker is the most convenient to use. But to avoid any nasty surprises when tipping the shaker over your plate, it is always best to opt for quality and preferably a renowned brand. The model Béarn, in silver plate made by Ercuis, will never disappoint. But metal does have the disadvantage that the seasoning contained within is invisible. With a container in crystal you see exactly the dosage you apply and the quantity remaining, in addition to its very pleasing visual aspect, rather reminiscent of an hourglass. 

When the French refer to "salage à l'anglaise" they mean the traditional salt cellar, a small open bowl where a tiny spoon is used to apply the salt. Doubtless less precise, it being difficult to apply the salt evenly over the plate without adding too much, but it is definitely a winner from a visual point of view. A little dish in crystal with a saucer in silver plate add charm and a hint of luxury to your table. Simply add the appropriate spoon to create a very decorative salt and pepper cruet.

And if etiquette requires allowing your guests to apply their preferred amount of salt and pepper, sugar follows exactly the same rules. Depending on the dessert being served an attractive sugar shaker in nickel is certainly worthy of consideration.

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