Knife and cutlery rests

In the universe of table art, it's the details that make or break the table setting. If there is one element not to be forgotten, as much for the charm of a nicely laid table as for the comfort of guests, it's the knife rest. Far from futile, this small metal object (silver-plated or in pewter) finds its evident place to the right of the plate, close to the knife that is to be its destiny. It thus serves to protect the tablecloth from undesirable stains (a major argument for the mistress of the home) and offers guests a practical solution. The absence of knife rests at the table makes a greasy knife a problematic affair, difficult for a guest to put down without contravening good etiquette. Maison Saulaie has therefore selected a series of original and classic knife rests , yet practical, as they are dishwasher safe. Read more


Knife rests, cleanliness and originality!

It's as much for its use as for its charm that it's best not to forget the knife rest when laying a silver-service table. It can indeed become an added asset for the decoration, so varied are the shapes that it can take on. You can always play it classic, by choosing the ever-fashionable silver-plated knife rest, with X-shaped ends. But you should also explore other avenues and offer your guests a touch of originality. Hunting  is one of the categories of cutlery creators. Saulaie has therefore unearthed elegant pieces, as amazing as they are amusing (a knife rest can be the subject of a conversation all by itself). Six hunting dogs in pewter, bronze-like, will quickly be adopted by guests. The deer antlers in pewter will surely lead to the recounting of memorable chases, just like the bullet-shaped half-cartridges with copper ends.

Cutlery rests: so you don't have too much on your plate…

The fork rests gracefully on the points of its tines and the knife has now found a rest for this purpose. But what about the rest of the cutlery? A suitable solution is needed bearing in mind their propensity to be plunged into sauces. Saulaie therefore proposes a cutlery rest in silver-plating, to clip onto the edge of the dish. It belongs to the category of novel accessories, which you never stop congratulating yourself for having found! You thereby avoid the ignominous "mother-in-law", the name given by the French to a piece of cutlery entirely submerged in a dish, which no one knows how to fish out...

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