Forget all those clichés about the food thermos . The ones in plastic or the stainless steel thermos , perfect for camping, hunting or a fishing trip, that are always the ones that come to mind first. This limited vision tends to make us forget those rather more attractive models and deprive of us so many practical uses on an everyday basis. As you can see from the Saulaie collection, with an elegant of elegant insulated container you can make life so much easier. The first example, early morning when everyone has a tendency to have breakfast at different times. With a thermos you can prepare the drinks in one go. Second example, at the hottest times of the day (never forget that a thermos is as good at keeping things cool as it is for keeping them warm): a thermos is perfect at the pool-side or on a table on the terrace. Or perhaps you might prefer to use an  insulated flask . Read more


Thermos in wicker or porcelain

Double stainless steel wall and a basketwork finish, or a double glass wall and porcelain finish... the choices made for you by Maison Saulaie make it difficult to choose between the smooth and colourful porcelain and the natural plant-based wicker. There are also two different closures possible for the thermos: the traditional screw stopper (for the porcelain designs) or the "quick tip" (for the wicker models).

How to use your thermos

Keeping a drink warm or cold is most effective over a longer period when you prepare the thermos flask beforehand. To keep something hot, rinse the thermos first with hot water before filling with your preferred hot drink. Equally, if you fill the thermos completely and close the stopper well each time you use it, your drink will stay that little bit hotter. To keep a drink cold, then simply rinse the flask first with cold water and fill with your choice of chilled drink.

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