Salad servers

The world of the salad is one that stands out due to the vast range of different recipes and an equally large selection of salad bowls. So salad servers  obviously follow the same line, how could they do otherwise? Large or small, simple or elaborate, round or square... the different  salad bowls  in turn call on salad servers of different shapes. In this area, Maison Saulaie has opted for a range with a multitude of shapes enabling each to find the appearance and material that matches their usual habits and favourite recipes. A choice that should not be overlooked because, as the famous French chef Paul Bocuse once said: "great cuisine can also be a salad picked in the garden and dressed at the last moment". Read more


Salad service

So, which comes first the shape or the aesthetic? The Saulaie range gives you the opportunity of having both. You will find simple salad servers, in aluminium with handles long enough for a large salad bowl, and a more elaborate salad service, in horn, with silvered handles. There is also a third possibility. As many salad recipes call for a touch of the exotic, nothing stops you choosing more original salad servers, such as the model in stainless steel with a curved rustic handle in horn. More contemporary with a designer look, the hammered stainless steel servers may surprise your guests as much as the contents of the salad bowl.

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