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More than 160 products, in all ranges, can be found in this section devoted to the classic flat plate , in all its forms and to the complete table service. For all uses, up to the most exceptional, but also to meet all expectations, or as far as possible, Maison Saulaie has worked hard to select the very best for you. Gien, Deshouillères and Raynaud logically make up the leading trio in this collection devoted to porcelain and china. Nearly 200 years of experience for the Gien china manufactory, that built its reputation as a specialist in made-to-order table services  for the greatest of families. Almost as old, the Deshouillères house claims the status of oldest French porcelain manufacturer. A domain in which Raynaud also excels, established in Limoges since the beginning of the 20th century, with a justified reputation for its modern and boldly contemporary collections. Read more



A complete table service for all occasions


Such authentic expertise and know-how enables Saulaie to present a range of models renowned for their quality. The most basic, the white porcelain plate, with a centre in the form of a square, circle, oval or almond, is far from synonymous with boring. A cut above, Gien chinaware continues offer timeless classics, such the famous 'Pont aux Choux' service, or its more recent creative decoration from Italy or Sologne.

For a truly exceptional table, requiring a full setting of different plates (serving plates, bread or side plates, soup plates, dessert plates...) the model "Allée du Roi" from Raynaud is a faultless choice with its timeless classic inspiration. In the same vein, Philippe Deshoullières created "Songes du XVIIIième Siècle" (dreams of the 18th century) inspired by a ceiling displayed in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. You may prefer to opt for a bold contemporary design of great class with the "Trésor" range designed by the artist Mariela Schwarz Montiel, for Raynaud.


A designer table service, for a break with tradition


With an original shape and unusual pattern, designer tableware forms a very mixed ensemble. Maison Saulaie began by presenting some more unusual shapes, such as an oval in white porcelain, the crescent-shaped plate or the porcelain service round in shape but with a wavy edge, as if the porcelain hand been hand-worked. Finally, a manufacturer as great as Raynaud has obviously developed and evolved in its choice of colours and patterns, offering styles as different as the "Minéral Irisé" created by Thierry Cheyrou or the "Cristobal" collection designed by Alberto Pinto.

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