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One single item may often take different shapes and offer varying sizes. Round when small, oval in its long version... Or square, then rectangular when extended... The dining table is an essential and central piece of furniture, so it is hardly surprising that we are demanding when choosing the one to buy. Most of the time we expect it to remain discreet, then to take on the necessary dimensions for those grand occasions. And of course, this temporary increase in size should never adversely affect the elegance of its lines. Ultimately, the challenge is nothing less than the comfort of the guests and pleasure of remaining at table. Such criteria suggest that it may be difficult to find a dining table that is both functional and beautiful, suavely integrating the elegance of your interior decoration. Maison Saulaie is here to accompany you in this delicate and strategic choice before moving on to its collection of chairs . Read more

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An old style for a contemporary use

Maison Saulaie has selected a range of classic dining tables in solid wood, that demonstrate the full potential of this essential item. The extending table is naturally well-represented. One, two or three extensions are possible for a family table, with four or six legs, with folding side flaps or not. We offer Louis XVI style tables, traditionally crafted and assembled using age-old methods. A way to preserve the richness of past heritage, but appropriately adapted to the dimensions and uses of today.

A designer dining table

It is in the contemporary furniture section that you will find the most interesting ways and means of adaptation. The top of the circular model "Lund", in natural wood, is removable, together with the legs, to create a true semi-circular table. If you are looking for something larger, the rectangular table is ideally suited to more modern designer interiors. The advantage of the Scandinavian models with a rectangular shape is their combination of strength and manoeuvrability, thanks to their built-in extension. This is also true of the "Aviator" table, a more original design with its aluminium plating, equipped with two "butterfly" extensions.

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