Table accessories

All that is accessory is not necessarily superfluous. "Is not decor the indispensable complement of the work of art?" , to quote a famous French director. And what goes for the theatre can also be applied to table art. Each grand or most humble circumstance gives occasion to offer your guests a little ephemeral work of art. How to decorate a table? This section will convince you that first, you have to use a multitude of objects designed for table service. They are potential points of balance or contrast. Lastly, it's a question of adding a final touch one hundred percent decorative. Read more


Table decoration: don't forget the accessories

For decorating a table, best to primarily rely on objects reputed for their practicality, but also designed to give pleasure to the beholder. Chosen with care, they firstly let you compose a harmonious ensemble, generously adorned but not excessively. You should not underestimate the importance of common objects, like the bread basket, for example. In their everyday version, for the decoration of a birthday table or even a communion, accessories of this type can prove to be unsightly. Maison Saulaie has therefore taken care to propose to you diverse models of baskets, placemats, salt 'n pepper pots, as well as trivets, carafes or glasses, without neglecting their ornamental quality potential.

A natural table decor

Next, one can choose, as an extra and quite rightly so, to opt for a purely decorative device. The most common: decorating a table with flowers. Saulaie has selected for this purpose table centrepieces which allow interesting compositions. They come in the shape of vases, bowls or even small garden boxes in highly adapted ceramics. An ensemble composed of several elements gives rise to multiple layout possibilities.

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