If the word "dish" evokes a surface reality, almost monotone, then the word does not do justice to its referents in the world of table art. Our selection should suffice to convince you of the protean richness of serving dishes. Shapes, volumes, designs... the era of the simple round dish has been superseded ... Maison Saulaie proposes to you a rich collection of dishes of all genres, to put in the oven or to guarantee a successful presentation: for vegetables, gratins, meat, tarts, cakes and other such delicacies. Read more


A presentable gratin dish

Choice of the day and main course are not to be neglected. The most useful matching utensils (trivet or presentation basket, which also serve as a trivet), Pyrex or porcelain dishes in the Saulaie selection assure on a daily basis evenly cooked food and appreciable easy handling. Putting a dish into the oven and assuring table service, without changing the recipient after cooking, while assuring safety and a minimum of class, it's possible. A gratin recipe is not necessarily ugly and runny! Water vine, wicker and cane are the three main fibres used to weave bread, wine and other baskets of all shapes, to welcome an oval, round or rectangular dish. Dish trivets with handles are however in stainless steel or silver-plated metal.

Go beyond your dish in Pyrex

Impossible to put small servings into larger dishes just relying on the eternal Pyrex dish. A quality table setting demands use of distinctive dishes, which match in size the delicacies that will be served in them. Maison Saulaie points you towards a series of presentation dishes in porcelain, for the most part matching the most illustrious models of our dinner set selection. Others are separate utensils, which you might fall in love with, like the trio in the "Venezia" range: round dish, oval dish and rectangular dish.

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