Knife, fork, spoon ... it's the well-known trident in the universe of tableware. Three words that sound evident, but which only give a glimpse of the equipment lent to a guest at a table of quality. By all evidence, the guest disposes of more cutlery than crockery or glasses. So it is natural that the French expression "put the cutlery" refers to the operation of completely laying a table. Individual metal cutlery items are anything but a detail: one can employ in effect up to 10 per person: soup or dessert spoon, basic knife and fork, entremet knife and fork, fish knife, bread knife and dessert knife... you can compose your cutlery set at Saulaie's online store, geared towards daily use or with extreme concern to detail and aesthetics. Read more


Don't forget the salad utensils

After individual utensils proposed for lovers of table art, we must evoke shared utensils: salad utensils and dining sets, both of which are hard to do without. As with cutlery sets, Saulaie has gathered here classic and more contemporary models. For crockery as for cutlery, we propose that you put your trust in the big names of French savoir-faire: Ercuis, coutellerie de Thiers and Laguiole.

Everything to put away the cutlery

How to put away cutlery? For order and discipline, a multitude of items is always a challenge. Maison Saulaie could not present such an abundance of cutlery to you without proposing solutions for putting everything away: cases, baskets or roll up bags. And that's not all. Order is also a question of cleanliness. On the table too, cutlery has its place. Knife rests and other utensil rests are thus proposed too, as practical solutions as well as decorative objects.

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