" The pleasure of the table is for all ages, all conditions, all countries and every day " as Brillat-Savarin once said. Clearly the words of a gourmet. And they evidently include the art of laying a table , that forms one with the culinary art, a setting that opens to reveal its treasures. The pleasures of the table can suffer from a presentation that lacks care. Taste fades when the other senses are neglected. The gastronomic and oenological delights are indissociable from the pleasure of the eyes and a general feeling of well-being. For successful cuisine and an attractive table it is therefore essential to find a balance and complementarity between the perishable and durable. Read more


A carefully laid family table

Maison Saulaie has made the "arts de la table" one of its specialities, but is only concerned with the durable. We can offer all you need to lay a table that will be a celebration of all those who share it with you. We place a reciprocal trust in some of the greatest French brands: Médard de Noblat, Cristallerie de Sèvre, Raynaud, Gien, Ercuis... Glassware and crystal, cutlery, porcelain, chinaware and a wide range of other essential items. Tableware is a vast domain that calls on a multitude of materials. At the end of the day, cutlery, crockery and glasses are the items we use the most. But we need to match the appropriate plates, servers, decanters, etc. For the rest, a taste for precision is what will make the difference and when laying a table and it may take you further than you think...

How to lay an attractive table?

To cultivate the requisite taste for detail, we are certainly not short of ideas: table centres, bottle coasters, baskets, napkin rings, salt and pepper cruet and all those little extras to your own personal taste (verrines, small dishes). So many wonderful finds to lift the quality of your service for a truly successful and well decorated party table. To summarise: this is not a question of showing-off or displaying your wealth. The art of laying a fine table is a question expressing the esteem you have for your guests as demonstrated by the care you take. Neither is it a question of piling plate upon plate, or dish on dish, but of creating a harmonious and practical ensemble for the service. We hope you enjoy visiting our selection and wish you "bon appétit!”

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