Cutlery trays and cases

Our cutlery trays and cases have not been designed for the sole purpose of satisfying the fussiest of people. Their use offers multiple advantages, other than that of not futily cluttering a drawer, including quick location of the right utensil. By avoiding impacts, they reduce scratches and wear and tear. Specially designed to protect the dining cutlery from dust, they also slow down oxidisation and thus reduce the number of polishing sessions. Read more


Cutlery trays for drawers

The drawer is the place by excellence where table cutlery is kept. But if the space is not adequate, this practice can rapidly fall into anarchy. Who has never grabbed and searched through a pile of metal cutlery, in the hope that their hand will finally and miraculously emerge with the missing knife or fork? A waste of time that our cutlery trays for drawers can avoid. Maison Saulaie has chosen two models: the first is in wicker, of rectangular shape, with four vertical compartments, adapted for keeping all sorts of metal cutlery items in. The second one is designed for more noble finishes. This case for keeping cutlery in, entirely lined with an antioxidant, lets you put away the most fragile utensils without banging them together.

Wooden cases for keeping cutlery in: a showcase to transmit to future generations

Scratches, dust and oxidisation are the main enemies of our solid silver or silver-plated cutlery. Without suitable items to keep them in, their shine will progressively tarnish. To keep the family cutlery spic and span over the years, and for future family generations, Maison Saulaie proposes practical and elegant cutlery cases. It's not only on the table that each piece of cutlery has its rightful place. For the perfect keep of your cutlery, three solutions are available to you: to preserve the family treasures, there is nothing better than a cutlery case or box! A case in wood, lined with leather on the outside and antioxidant material on the inside, will easily fit into a buffet. Another possibility: a case in polished wood, which has no reason to look over-pretentious. Its three drawers are no more than are needed to welcome the entire table cutlery set, covered with flaps of brown, antioxidant material. Lastly, more original and just as efficient, the roll up cutlery case in fabric comes in two models (small and large) and three lengths. By choosing a cutlery tray/case and careful alignment of your knives, forks and spoons, you spend less time caring for your silverware, a fastidious chore.

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