Kitchen utensil

The kitchen is certainly one place where the job of equipping and fitting out is never finished. The world of the kitchen utensil is vast. Full of clever finds, making the cook ever more efficient and as ease in their environment. The kitchen tool is, to the cook, exactly the same as a diy tool to the home handyman: something to marvel at each time it is used and an area where new discoveries are constant. What greater satisfaction than to know that each kitchen item is in its place and ready to fulfil the purpose for which it was designed. With a designer kitchen utensil , the argument of style combines with that of performance, making the kitchen a room that is resolutely modern and innovator. Read more


Kitchen tools: making life easier

The first function of any good kitchen utensil is obviously to make the task easier. Other than such great classics as the apron or the memo board, Maison Saulaie has also fallen under the charm of ingenious instruments that are sometimes a little less common. One example is the cherry stoner (an amazing time-saver) or a block of kitchen knives that ensures they are never again left lying around. Designer kitchen accessories such as the Octopussy corkscrew offer a new look at a kitchen essential. Its apparent modernity and superior efficiency have made it an absolute must-have. More unusual and eminently practical: the bamboo book-rest, making your favourite recipe book so much easier to read, placed in the ideal position and away from splashes.

Everything for the kitchen... and beyond

Whilst exploring the world of the accessory, Maison Saulaie occasionally went beyond the kitchen tool, strictly speaking. For the dining table, or the coffee table in the sitting room, a few items that may appear secondary in importance but that you will rapidly find indispensable. The table valet to brush up the crumbs simply, quickly and easily. Another decorative and useful item, a duck's head in bronze that also acts as a bottle-opener. A practical everyday item discretely hidden under an attractive ornament.

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