Serving tray

What better than a carefully selected little collection of trays, to add a decorative element to your service and your home interior. Porcelain, metal, leather, glass, wood, slate, wicker or water vine... a wide range of different materials are available. And the shapes and sizes are just as varied (round, square, oval). Maison Saulaie serves up an ensemble of trays, references chosen for their reliability and aesthetic qualities. A choice that will convince you to opt for an elegant serving tray, something more or less sober in design but definitely robust and durable, at a time when so many seem to prefer the ubiquitous meal tray. Read more



A serving tray to take the time to do things properly


The serving tray is an accessory that demonstrates a certain style, an 'art de vivre'. It goes beyond simple practicality and encourages us to take our time. Taking out a round serving tray, for example, is the very opposite of a quick 'cuppa' or snack on the corner of a piece of furniture. A tray moves, assembles, defines a moment to be shared, whether before or after a meal, or mid-afternoon. Without necessarily being served on a silver salver, it encourages a way of life that we risk losing but that still remains accessible to all. None of which denies the purely practical side of using a serving tray, an important aspect we will now develop further.


Cheese board... and other uses


A plain round tray, at first glance it is simply a means of moving crockery or glasses from point A to point B and to present them. And yet things are never quite so simple, your choice of tray should be made according to its purpose, adapting its shape and appearance to the use you'll be making of it. Here are just a few examples:


A coffee tray: you will hardly use a large wooden serving tray, rectangular in shape, for your pretty coffee service. But rather something smaller in size, in silver plate or enamel.


A tray for breakfast in bed: sheer bliss, an exceptional moment we all dream of, but to achieve perfection it needs the appropriate material. Avoid the dream becoming a nightmare by using a delightful tray with legs, in wood or wicker, designed for the purpose.


A cheese board: given the extent of the world of the cheese it is obvious that it merits a tray to itself. Indeed it is the word "tray" (plateau) that is used in French when talking about the selection of cheeses offered. The English equivalent of "cheese board" may be slightly more limited in scope but the choice is still wide with Saulaie, in slate, glass or even crystal, it remains an essential feature in any French home.


A tray for the post: trays are not only limited to the world of gastronomy, their usefulness extends far beyond. With models in leather or crocodile they can be ideal for everyday, for the post for example.


And then there are those delightful little porcelain trays, etc, for all the little bits and pieces we keep in our pockets, for trinkets we never know quite what to do with. Right down to these trinket trays, the tray is an essential item in every home.

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