The verrine is the fashionable service utensil by excellence, which has become a must for the personalisation of aperitifs, entrées and desserts. You come across it in all sorts of elegant or smart receptions, in small or large committees. Verrines in two or three colours, sweet, salty or even both… all sources of inspiration converge to enlarge the choice even more, already impressive, of verrines to share. In this, at the very least creative context, Saulaie is on the ball and offers you a range of small recipients for individualised service , to satisfy your irrepressible needs to do something out of the ordinary. Read more



Verrines in glass, as the name suggests

Transparency is a determining factor for a successful presentation of a verrine. It lets you profit visually of the superposition of textures and colours. Glass or Pyrex are therefore naturally the most common materials. But Saulaie wanted to propose more to you than the simple verrine glass. A verrine can also be served hot. So we have not forgotten heat-resistant models, with small individual lids and supports in cane or water vine for small, individual gratin dishes. Porcelain, on the other hand, does not have the advantage of transparency, but its opaque brilliance keeps the mystery of the verrine a secret and arouses the curiosity, which is not without interest.


An original verrine for more fantasy

Fanciful recipes often deserve an original serving dish. This is why Saulaie has selected a few verrines in blown glass with a double wall. An effect of lightness guarantied for the presentation and a certainty on the culinary front. A hot preparation can, in effect, be served without risk of your guests burning their fingers on the outer wall of the verrine.

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