Laguiole & Thiers cutlery

Maison Saulaie is proud to present a range of quality knives, ambassadors of a French, centuries-old art of living. The savoir-faire in the cutlery industry in the  Puy-de-Dôme region goes back to the Middle Ages. From that time onwards, the grindstones have never stopped turning and the technical specifications required to feature the label " Thiers " have been constantly improved. The town of Thiers, capital of the cutlery industry, has therefore naturally been given a place of honour in the large range of table cutlery that we present for you. The shape of the blade, the material of the handle and decorative elements, table cutlery consists today of a multitude of models, yet all with a sole purpose. The knife remains an impulse purchase, a situation that does not apply to a simple kitchen knife . This observation will not surprise those who know to what extent a beautiful blade, laid on the table, reflects the spirit and attracts attention. Read more


Laguiole: authentic cutting edge

Whether it originates in Aveyron or Auvergne, the famous Laguiole knife is today still essential for a table of character, on which the quality blade with its renowned cutting edge elegantly evokes rural France. Laguiole cutlery proposed by Saulaie will not disappoint its users, with its blade, bolster and butt in stainless steel, a guarantee of long life and efficiency. The choice of material for the handle, decorated black horn or olive wood, remains a question of taste and harmony with other elements present on the table. Whet your appetites before choosing…

Thiers Cutlery : elegance guarantied

Dessert knife, fish knife… butter knife or cheese knife … for every dish and for nearly every texture, there is a knife. This diversity of uses indicates the multiplicity of details which table art feeds on for creativity, for a most reproductive marriage with top gastronomy. For the art of cutting, Thiers cutlery remains a benchmark, in particular the Trianon range, which includes different types of blade, associated with diverse uses (meat, cheese, fish, dessert…). All dishwasher safe, these knives combine practicality and elegance, with their nylon handle (black, white, grey…) crowned by mitres and ferrules in chrome metal. To help them shine even more, you can also choose different models of knife rests.

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