From the Renaissance to Revolution, the bed was an especially important marker of social status. The headboard, or bed head, was an essential component, an ornate and richly decorated demonstration of the person’s wealth and power. Some had dozens of beds! The bed head, although no longer the centrepiece of an almost ceremonial set of furniture, remains a sought after item. The bed still has its feet on the ground and certainly hasn't lost its head! Whether it is a   Louis XV style headboard   or a contemporary model, the headboard flanked by its two   bedside tables and   lamps , remains important for the balance and decoration of a room. It also protects the wall from the friction and wear of the time, but this is no longer the main use sought, nor its ability to insulate the sleeper from the cold, damp wall behind (thanks to central heating). Today it is above all the aesthetic value of the headboard that, as it has done down the centuries, provides a setting and more prominent position for the bed itself. In terms of decoration, it can add to a unity of style or, instead, provide an interesting contrast. Read more

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An antique-style headboard, not a "hey look at me!"

Maison Saulaie offers aLouis XVI headboard, available in various sizes and colours. The cane head, fluted legs and carved posts make this piece of furniture a beautiful and faithful copy of the original. It respects the spirit of the second half of the 18th century, and, to a certain extent, its shape. Canopies and the dais were common in the 18th century, after the golden age of the ubiquitous baroque headboard, with its extremely ornate and detailed decoration. A level of decoration that is no longer appropriate to our modern lifestyle. The Louis XVI headboard selected by Saulaie will easily fit into to a contemporary setting and adapt to a wide range of modern beds. 


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