Child's chair

Maison Saulaie presents its collection of Louis XV and Louis XVI-style luxury chairs, for our little darlings! They will delight not only children, who will be able to sit on comfortable "grown-up" chairs, but parents, who can extend their home's classic style to the children's bedrooms.  Read more


Vintage child's chair

The style of these children's chairs is modelled on the fashion of the time and is absolutely identical to actual 18th-Century chairs. These reproductions are carried out so precisely that you will get the perfect impression of having a chair from yesteryear. To achieve this, Saulaie uses noble materials such as rubberwood, and finishes all its creations in natural wax, which imparts a shine and a patina that is very pleasant to the touch. This type of exotic wood gives all the models of chairs solidity and durability. You can rest assured that, whether your little ones move the small children's chair, push it over or climb over it, it will not suffer from ill-treatment! As parents, you can also relax in the knowledge that your children will be safe using these chairs. Saulaie's ancestral and artisan know-how gives them an irresistible and unique charm - they are real collectors' pieces!

Little chair for children

Saulaie offers a very varied range of chairs. Three models of chair with hand-woven straw seats (Palmette, Rameau and Vase de fleurs models), two models with wicker seats in natural plant fibres (Louis XV and Louis XVI models) and a child's chair model that comes with a padded seat upholstered in an ocre fabric for extra comfort (openwork Palmette model). While straw chairs are traditionally used in dining rooms, wicker or padded chairs are naturally suited to bedrooms or living rooms. Thanks to these, children will be able to sit on the same chairs as the adults, and will find their place with ease among the grown-ups, or even next to Mummy as she writes at her desk.The child's chair is an excellent way to bring the family together! 

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