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Maison Saulaie's new range of  modern chairs suit all areas in the home, whether kitchen, dining room or study. They are crafted using quality materials, including solid wood, aluminium, fabric and leather. The colours come in a variety of shades and tones, to grace your interior. Read more

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Scandinavian design chairs

Nordic countries are well-known for their zen atmosphere and love of wood. You can recreate this environment of comfort and warmth in your home with Maison Saulaie's Scandinavian chairs. Maison Saulaie also has a large range of vintage chairs to give your interior an authentic touch. These chairs are made using artisan methods and exclusively from noble materials such as natural wood or rattan. Combined with a rigorous design, these traditional materials will ensure many pleasant moments spent comfortably ensconced in your home, by the fireside, in your contemporary living room. These chairs are useful in a kitchen or study and will emphasise the comfort of your living room. Maison Saulaie offers its vintage chairs in a variety of muted and elegant colours. Receiving your friends and family at home will provide double the pleasure because you can be certain that your decor will be both designer and welcoming.  

Contemporary chair

The contemporary chair is more than a chair - it's a concept! Enjoy the benefits of Maison Saulaie's thirty years of experience with its contemporary chairs that form part of a modern interior. Would you like to lend modern touch to a classic decor, or complete a modern interior design? Or why not give a playful wink to your dining room? Our creators have designed our contemporary design chairs with a feel for versatility, originality and, as always, comfort. If design is the key word, solidity and quality are the constant features of our furniture. Maison Saulaie crafts its contemporary design chairs using artisan methods to ensure that your moments of relaxation are transformed a unique experience. To the elegance of the clean lines, Maison Saulaie adds a wide selection of models as part of a very varied catalogue, which you can integrate into an existing decor or use to create an original and surprising interior design scheme. 

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