Carafes, pitchers and jugs

From a simple pitcher to a design carafe, there is a plethora of possibilities to serve admirably presented liquids. Other than a simple water carafe, a well-laid table can welcome a wine carafe, once the wine has spent some time in a decanter. Before the meal, the whisky carafe has already revealed, during the aperitif, the subtle amber colour of scotch. Read more


No need to go on in order to convince: why should a liquid be left in its bottle when the carafe better exposes its glow? One rarely presents, on a nicely laid table, a plastic bottle of water… But one puts up with the sight of a bottle of wine more readily, especially if the nectar is reputed. Yet, the choice of a wine carafe is a plus in terms of elegance, pleasure to the eye and to the taste buds (many wines benefit from decanting).

On more everyday tables, without being snobbish, it is possible to apply the same logic. The presence of wine pitchers and water pitchers is advantageous, whether in glass or acrylic.


From pitcher to carafe: for everyday and grand occasions

Without going as far as to cite elegance, you should also think in terms of charm, although a bit old-fashioned, of the celebrated pitcher or jug. This indispensable item is presented by Maison Saulaie in different shapes (straight or pot belly, in glass or shiny white ceramics). You must never say: "Pitcher, I shall never drink of your water... " (play on words of a famous fable by Fontaine)

For grand occasions, our selection has made ample room for cristal de Sèvres, a sure bet, as well as for the water carafe and wine decanter. With a bit of audaciousness, the pot-bellied model with handle and "diamond points", could fit in well with your most modern cum designer decoration, to which you have taken the trouble to add matching carafe mats


Our firm favourite: the isothermal bottle

For those who want to offer carafe lovers a product that is both elegant and original, Maison Saulaie has selected a bottle with a double wall of isothermal glass. The inner wall, in frosted glass, conserves the initial temperature of the liquid (hot in winter or cool is summer). As for the outer wall, also in glass, it lets you take hold of the bottle, when the moment comes to pour, as if suspended in mid-air without gravity. Far more original than the common thermos. With the acrylic jug and its refresher tube to put in the freezer, the isothermal bottle is without doubt the most original item proposed by Saulaie in the carafe, flacons and other jugs range.

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