Glasses and carafes

Maison Saulaie, having made table art one of its specialities, has naturally reserved for the sale of glasses a section of quality, representative of the very large selection of glassware and crystalware around. The choice of a model of glass is not without importance; it must be a pleasure to the eye, pleasant to the hand and do justice to the elixir it holds. The same can be said for the jugs, pitchers and carafes that naturally complete our selection of glasses here. Read more


A complete set of glasses

Water glass, red wine glass, classic, design or original, champagne flute or glass, aperitif glass (in particular whisky tumblers), Maison Saulaie offers you some twenty or so models of different design: tulip, corolla, balloon, bowl, funnel... in glass, in Sèvres or Arques crystal. What is the purpose of a glass without a carafe to serve from? Pitchers and carafes in glass, water carafes and wine carafes in crystal add, for various occasions, that extra bit of charm to your table. As for wine, Saulaie proposes two complementary types of carafe: models to decant wine, in the first instance, before transferring it to a serving carafe.

The aperitif glass and its accessories

In many circumstances, the glass does not suffice by itself. This is the case when taking an aperitif where a few accessories are often more than welcome: ice-bucket, champagne bucket or even ice tongs. In order to help you settle down comfortably with everything necessary at hand, in front of a set of elegant aperitif glasses and accessories, Maison Saulaie has selected items in glass, in acrylic, in crystal, in silver-plating and even in leather. You also need to choose between a sleek contemporary design or a more classic one. Some models also have the peculiarity of being isothermal, for staying optimally cool. Better to present a nice solid block of ice than a bowl of cold water, on whose surface a few small and misshapen icebergs are afloat.

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