Table crockery

Gone are the days when crockery, made of precious metals and often delicately worked, was a sign of power and served as a means of monetary exchange. Nevertheless, just as much care is put into it today, whether it's a question of design or choice. Thus, it is still attributed with a certain value above and beyond the simple materials used. The word "crockery" evokes much more than a set of kitchen utensils to be washed. It remains inseparably associated with the word "dinner set" : a unified ensemble, composed of diverse elements, with the purpose of serving meals. He or she who conceives table art as a true savoir-faire, for the bonding of relationships (between family, between friends...), will not be insensitive to the Saulaie selection, dedicated to table crockery. Quality, harmony and creativity are the key words that have guided our choices. Read more


A chic crockery, not to be thrown at the spouse

Different sized plates, dishes, platters, salad bowls, sauce boats, bowls, cups, verrines... For self-expression, table art requires a complete dinner set, to which an elegant set of glassware must be added. Thus, the Saulaie online store is the kingdom of containers of various designs and materials: glass, Pyrex, metal, ceramics, earthenware, porcelain... From Italy, Portugal or France, no matter the origin, our products meet specific criteria of quality. Famous names have placed their confidence in us: vaisselle de Gien and vaisselle Raynaud.

A complete dinner set, what for?

"Why complicate life?" those who prefer simplicity would ask... And why get bogged down with so many receptacles so seldom used? It's by flicking through this section, which offers classic designs as well as modern table crockery, that you'll find the answers. The original core activity of Maison Saulaie is table art. We believe we have a pronounced taste for large family tables or magnificent banquets with friends, relaxed and elegant, simple yet refined at the same time. We are therefore delighted to transmit this decidedly French cultural heritage, an inherent part for decades of a genuine art of living. 

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