Table centrepiece

Is the table centrepiece futile and space consuming? Two legitimate fears that need to be gotten over, in order to take full advantage of a table centrepiece , a structuring element and real asset for your decoration. You fear it might be overbearing, then chose your centrepiece taking into account the number of persons seated. A reasonable size for a more intimate moment, but it is possible to go for more width or height when it comes to seating for a party or family get-together. Be careful however not to put up a screen between your guests. Read more


To deal with the second fear, that of futility, the permanent use of a table centrepiece must be underlined. Seen in a daily context, on a bare support, it adds an effect of volume and hallmark. So it's worth investing in an interesting centrepiece (why not an original centrepiece?), used more than a merely decorative object reserved for special occasions, which is only taken out once or twice a year.

Decoration, table centrepiece : varied shapes

A bowl on a stand, a corolla-shaped bowl or tray-shape surmounted with handles, the selection of Saulaie table centrepieces offers different shapes and sizes and more or less elaborated decorations. The simplest, such as the porcelain bowl, with a crazed finish, available in two sizes, offers a haven of simplicity and lets you stretch and raise the table, without risk of having an excessive centrepiece. You can put flowers or other elements from the plant kingdom in it. Not too expensive, it can make a good table centrepiece for a marriage. More streamlined, the bowl on a stand in Italian ceramics, adorned with green foliage, provides a typical example of a multi-functional table centrepiece, suitable for pots-pourris, sweets or even keys if daily needs demand such, (used as a trinket bowl). If you want to stay in the domain of Italian ceramics and take up the challenge of a centrepiece with stature, the large ceramic centrepiece (46 cm in length) opens up interesting aesthetical perspectives. The same can be said for the original table centrepiece called « garden », composed of several elements, namely four curved window boxes, for maximum freedom of interpretation and a very interesting flexibility of use.

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