Does not taste depend too on the tableware used? You cannot show off your culinary skills without laying a table to match them. In the same way, can those seated at your table appreciate such skills without holding craftsmanship tableware in their hands ? A dodgy fork, a blunt knife, a handle that wobbles in the palm of your hand, a too small or too large a spoon… well-known shortcomings that may encumber upon the time spent at the table. Maison Saulaie, aware of the omnipresence of cutlery and its capital importance, as extensions of the hand, has convoked herewith the greatest French manufacturers, such as coutellerie de Thiers , as well as other more contemporary French items, to bring the guarantee of quality and the advantages of convenience to your table, without losing its ornamental purpose from sight. Before giving pleasure to the person holding the item, cutlery must first give pleasure to its beholder. Read more


Tableware in stainless steel

We can never thank scientists enough for discovering alloys, which are used to produce stainless steel. In tableware art, it makes the combination of aesthetics and practicality possible. Thus, cutlery proposed by Saulaie is "guaranteed dishwasher safe". It's certainly the case for stainless steel cutlery, such as vieux Paris, indispensable companions for everyday tables and also for the timelessly fashionable filet-style cutlery, which is a step up. The mariage of materials is also a guarantee of elegance. The most evident example is the handle in black nylon, crowned with a chrome-plated ferrule and a stainless steel blade… a must in the world of Thiers. Of course, culinary excellence sometimes requires that one takes out the silver-plated cutlery. Saulaie has therefore gathered the most classic references, such as the Regency range, but offers more contemporary models too, like Citeaux cutlery.

Design table cutlery

To leave the beaten track and to decorate your dining service with curved and sleek lines, the designer crockery fashion lets design table cutlery make an appearance at your table too. Such an option often proves itself to be judicious if you want to avoid over classicism and to open up to more modern decorations to which numerous cutlery sets are obliged to match. The Eternum Petal provides one of the best examples of a contemporary and refined design.

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