End table

A side table used beside a larger piece of furniture; the concept certainly hits the nail on the head. Once you've found the shape and material that goes well with the style of your sofa, the small table will truly become an extension of it, deserving of the singular name "end table". It plays a decidedly strategic role. Rarely does the person who sits on a comfortable sofa not prefer to remain there for a while. The reassurance offered by the end table, which allows proximity to a  lamp , a place to set one's drink, a pair of glasses or a book… In short, the " end table " reminds us that armrests are not necessarily the alpha and omega of a quality sofa. And so Maison Saulaie has curated for you a selection of high-quality  wooden end tables , contemporary in style and crafted with standards of perfect finishing.   Read more


Design end table and modern seating

The popularity of the end table goes naturally hand-in-hand with that of the living room sofa; otherwise, it would simple be catergorized as a side table or dessert table... Just as sofa styles are highly varied, the end table follows suit, presenting a diversity of shapes and materials in contemporary styles that will pair well with modern sofas. Wooden or glass end tables, in solid wood or with aluminum plates, choose your preferred finishing among the pieces selected by Saulaie. Cube-shaped, rectangular, cylindrical or round... Saulaie also offers a variety of different silhouettes, varying in height and size, in order to help you make the best choice for your decor.   

Customer favorite: the "bar chest" end table 

Certainly, the end table can be used as a place to set a drink...But it can also store your bottles, thanks to the miniature bar chest from the "Baron" line. A compact and stylish furniture piece unique for its design, its storage capacity and its chrome-plated opening and closing system, typical of bar furniture.

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