Dessert tables

"One could only hear the steps of Frederic, coming and going, and the sound of silverware on the dessert trolley ." The little dessert trolley serves Châteaubriand, in his novel "Monsieur des Lourdines" (Goncourt 1911), to depict decor at the start of the 20th century decor. This choice of reference is by no means haphazard. The Empire era already made great use of console tables and dessert tables, which then became popular in dining rooms, at the end of the 19th century. A charm and art of living that one should still adopt today, even though the backdrop and spirit have much evolved. Maison Saulaie, forever concerned to preserve the legacy of the past, while open to contemporary practices and customs, proposes a series of dessert tables and trolleys, of previous or more recent styles. Read more


Dessert table: practical and discrete

It is not the catalogue of kitchen desserts that Saulaie has explored for you, but rather that of dining room dessert tables. Wood is the privileged material for this occasional furniture, whose succession of platters facilitates efficient table service. As its name indicates, the dishes that one serves find transitory lodging, awaiting their return to the kitchens. The dessert table, also called a sideboard, is therefore a coveted furniture element, as it avoids endless returns to the kitchen. Its success is wholly deserved. Among the models chosen by Saulaie, you will find classic styles in wood. Some have platters made of wickerwork (Saint Honoré), recognisable by their fine weave in natural vegetable fibre. Others are of solid wood (Concorde). The dessert tables "La Boétie" and "Orsay" offer more contemporary alternatives, in leather and stainless steel in the first case, and in light-coloured wood in the second case.  

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