" If you have bookshelves and a garden, you have everything you need, " affirms Cicero. For the garden, the Saulaie boutique won't be of much help to you. For your bookshelves  and other shelving, however, we can guide you through a rich collection of classic and original furniture. As the book-loving population has not ceased to grow since the invention of the printing press, it is imperative to satisfy various tastes and demands. There are dozens of different styles, formes, materials and sizes. From solid wood bookshelves to  vintage wall-mounted shelves , you will have to take many different aspects into account. Maison Saulaie is at your disposition to help you decide.   Read more

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Bookshelves: a supplement to the soul 

Every home hides an erudite, and many of them are insatiably curious readers who aspire to become walking bookshelves. Such an aspiration cannot be achieved unless your bookshelves create an atmosphere perfectly suited to you. From this point of view, you will certainly have to cultivate your book collection. But not only that. It is not only your library, but also your archives, your various collections and your knicknacks  of sentimental importance that will find themselves displayed on your bookshelves, or even a simple wall-mounted shelf. A veritable window into your story, your tastes and aspirations! With a simple glance, a journey through the shelves must contribute to your well-being. Is it not said that a library is a "hospital for the spirit"?

Traditional shelves and high-tech equipment 

The good old wooden shelf has not remained untouched by modernity. Like many furniture pieces, it has adapted to hold hi-fi and digital equipment which many of us place strategically at the center of the living room, office, or library. Detachable shelves guarantee a high level of adaptability. Other models, such as the "Nelson" double shelf, serve perfectly as television stands. 

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