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Both a reflection of your personality and of the position you occupy, the bureau is without doubt the piece of furniture you use the most, after your bed. The Web is full of content bent on helping you to choose a writing desk. Size, layout, ergonomics, colour. Whether your fervour favours an antique style writing desk or design bureau, you'll quickly realise that a bit of introspection is necessary to make a judicious choice. Read more

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Antique bureau or modern bureau ... with or without drawers

For those who like the look of disorder, but who perceive perfect order and the guarantee of productivity within, should they lean towards a plain top, like the models in aluminium Aviator, or the leather and stainless steel of "La Boétie" or even the very classic model in solid wood Louis XVI? For those who favour order on the other hand, for whom a thorough tidy-up is an indispensable pre-requisite before doing any work, Maison Saulaie recommends bureaus fitted with drawer units of five to nine. The items of furniture in solid wood "Nelson" and "Officer" will satisfy the most meticulous among us.

A bureau in wood for "homo numericus"

In the digital era, there is no doubt that time spent in front of a screen (and therefore sat at one's bureau) is on the increase. The great dividing line between those for a tidy bureau and those for a more "it's alive" bureau is tending to disappear with the popularisation of computers. Our modern epoch and digitalisation guides us towards ergonomics and a streamlined environment, indeed minimalist. Folders no longer take up any space, the stacks of photos and documents pile up on servers, invisible to the eye. In this context of dematerialisation, you can without doubt position your computer on an antique bureau of wood. But you can also opt for the small size and modern look of the Scandinavian ranges "Lund" or even "Boden". Robust and elegant, these models sum up the major evolution in the trend of bureau occupation.

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