" There are two items of furniture that I hold in high esteem,   said Anatole France , the bed and the table ." So writes the famous French author, vaunting in turn the merits of a piece of furniture essential to feeding the body and that essential for feeding the mind. No doubt he was mainly thinking about the  traditional dining table . But there are so many other tables (occasional tables or coffee tables) that can often have the same use, under different circumstances. Food, books and objects of great sentimental value, each in its own time, or together, find their place on the flat surface of the famous "tabula". Read more

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Extending, folding, or occasional tables

From the smallest to the longest, Saulaie offers tables in all shapes and sizes: extending dining tablesfolding tables, coffee tables or side tables. Four feet and a top, a board and trestles are far from sufficient to describe this essential element of household furniture. And if you need further proof, you can find a totally amazing collection of different styles, materials and forms available here. An old-fashioned table, modern Scandinavian furniture and contemporary designer models, any one may be suitable to furnish your dining room. For your sitting room, the choice is even wider: a circular or oval coffee table; in glass, wood or aluminium. Or an occasional table that will be perfect for any room in the home: folding, nesting or standalone.

Sitting at the bar

More original than a table, the bar today offers numerous advantages. So Maison Saulaie has assembled a selection of bar counters, ideal to enjoy a glass with friends or enjoy your breakfast or a simple snack, sitting on a stool. The home bar is an increasingly fashionable trend. We therefore wanted to take the opportunity of exploring the theme and demonstrate the many benefits of the vertical mobile bar and associated drinks cabinet.

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