Compact and practical, the chiffonnier naturally has its place in our selection of furniture. From the  Louis XVI chiffonier to the vintage model, Maison Saulaie has applied the same criteria to very different styles - that of  storage capacity . The chiffonier, an item of furniture that dates from the Regency period, has a set of drawers which can be used for linen as well as for office papers. In its traditional form, and as its name indicates, the semainier, which is part of the chiffonier family, has seven drawers, one for each day of the week (or semaine ). It would have been used for linen and underwear, but it does not have to be limited to this use.  Read more

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From craft furniture to designer chiffonier

The chiffonnier, as an item of craft furniture, is traditionally made out of solid wood and has lots of drawers. It is therefore naturally an item of must-have designer furniture, which favours raw materials and has brought many pieces of craft furniture back into high demand. Saulaie offers, among others, the "Baron" and "Orsay" range, which meet the great standards of the chiffonnier (height-width-organised storage), while giving it a youthful injection. The "Orsay" respects the criteria of the wooden chiffonnier, but has cleaner lines. The focus of the "Baron" is on its original aluminium plating.

The Semainier - antique and naval

The semainier is also known as an item of naval furniture. No doubt due to the disarray of paraphernalia in a sailor's cabin, where only compact and storage-friendly furniture is of use. Taking inspiration from this naval world, Saulaie presents its "Hermione", "Nelson" and "Marine" ranges. All three are guaranteed to bring authenticity and character to your interior decor. 

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