Napkin ring and timbale

The cane basket and napkin range are often used to neatly arrange a pile of table napkins. Traditional savoir-faire has transformed the vegetal, in order to create products (in particular the table napkin range) that echo tendency, sobriety and above all hard-wearing. Cane therefore gives off a special aura, which is not necessarily so with other materials. In fact, one often opens up a present containing napkin rings or timbales with reservation, above all if, unlike those presented here by maison Saulaie, they are of silver-plated metal. Do both gifts, symbolic of seated tables, have a merely decorative function? Not necessarily. You have to know how to take them out of the sideboard and dust them off, in order to appreciate them for their true value. Why deprive yourself of using such pretty objects, and which are so practical too? You can serve up anything in a timbale. For children, they single out and delimit a placing at the table, ready to take a few knocks. It's by loyal service that the object gains value over the years. The same can be said for the napkin ring, a real pleasure to the eye. Engraved, it offers an alternative to a pile of shapeless napkins, buried at the back of a drawer. It helps to construct a calibrated whole, presentable, which looks good as a table centrepiece for example. To thoroughly convince you of the napkin ring's usefulness, maison Saulaie would like to share a secret with you: if round-shape, it can double up as a practical and pretty egg cup. An advantage that the more traditional napkin holder is missing. Read more


From the napkin holder to the napkin ring

In the numerous range of table items in natural rattan, maison Saulaie has chosen to suggest to you a small storage basket for napkins, equally useful for your day-to-day meals as for your informal receptions for friends. To individualise and go up a level, the napkin rings presented are in Italian silver-plating. Octagonal or oval shaped, they combine sobriety and elegance.

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