Occasional furniture

An end table, console table and dessert trolley already form a nice little fraternity of light and practical furniture. But the family of small occasional items of furniture does not stop there. It counts other members among its ranks of distinguished characters with an already rich history. How can we forget the pedestal, a piece of furniture of  antiquitous origins, delicate and sleek. Original too, but one does not come across it too often. Yet it is unmatched for displaying a bust, a statue, a vase or any other ornamental object . Different to their ancestors of Doric or Corithian style, pedestals of the range "Delta" or "Elysée" that Saulaie proposes are worthy heirs of this prestige item of furniture. Less illustrious than the pedestal, but just as original, the occasional low table in the form of a chest is seductive, as much for its look as for its great storage capacity. Read more


The occasional table in all its shapes and sizes

The classic form of the table, four legs and a tabletop, also holds a few pleasant surprises in store, in the panel of occasional furniture. The presence of the Nordic style, models "Lund" high and low, reflects the current success of the occasional Scandinavian table. It stands out thanks to its rounded lines and clarity of natural wood. But the one that best deserves the title of "occasional furniture" is, by a long shot, the Folding occasional table. The most functional of the Saulaie selection, it comprises a foldable easy-to-put-away support and an independent platter.

A home dressing table and clothes stand

Occasional furniture also finds its rightful place in a bedroom, where it adopts very special forms. The famous dressing table and clothes stand do not lack charm and complete advantageously the decoration of the room. These traditional pieces of furniture also correspond to very specific uses: personal care and the presentation of clothes. They contribute towards creating a climate of comfort and serenity, always appreciated in a bedroom.


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