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Does good old zinc and a bar counter belong in a refined interior? At first glance, simplicity and discretion are not the main qualities you see in a bar counter. But only at first glance...because it might well surprise you. Before you make room for it in your home, you must do away with images of brasseries, bars, and other drinking establishments and give this piece of entertainment furniture the chance it deserves to display its classy and timeless quality..   Read more

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With  this in mind, Maison Saulaie offers a variety of options: the classic solid-wood bar, the easy-to-move mobile bar, the elegant and discreet trunk bar, and the wood and aluminum designer bar. We offer a comprehensive array of styles, including a contemporary design, a range of English designs in gilded, polished wood, and a more classic and traditional selection in solid wood. You can match your choice with our selection of bar stools

A chic version of the classic bar counter

As far as form and function are concerned, the models mentioned above are comparable to the classic styles of the old bar counters - height, width, fully panelled front, and a variety of cabinets and storage shelves behind the counter for glasses. They therefore have all the advantages of the timeless wood bar counters, but with the added bonus of refined and distinguished finishes. The "Iéna" and "Artis" models feature aluminum plating and the "La Pérouse" range features wooden slats similar to boat planks. 

A more discreet and practical trunk bar

Whether for legitimate reasons of space or taste, purchasing a classic piece of bar-style furniture may seem inconceivable. If such is the case, we offer another option - that of the mobile bar, specifically designed for bottles, glasses , carafes, and other essentials for drinks such as aperitifs and digestives. A mobile bar in the form of a trunk, chest, or small dresser, which can be rolled from the living room to the smoking lounge and from the smoking lounge to the library ... this is Saulaie's perfect solution. Available in the "Nelson", "Hermione", and "La Fayette" ranges.    


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