Sauce boat

The traditional shape of the sauce boat, which is not that different from an antique lamp, is decidedly evocative. We always expect a certain (culinary) magic from a sauce boat. A composition with a delicate texture and well measured flavour. Something of a genie in fact, that has the power to soothe or to lift, to add a touch of bite to a dish. For any table that celebrates French cuisine, its use is simply not optional. As Talleyrand once said: " England has two sauces and three hundred religions, on the other hand France has two religions and over three hundred sauces ". (I'm only repeating what he said, I'm not saying he was right...) Maison Saulaie may not be able to offer you a different sauce boat for every recipe but we do have a wide range of different designs in both silver plate and porcelain, perfect for even the most elegant of  table services. Read more



For want of a sauce chef, make do with a boat


The grand houses of yesteryear employed a sauce chef, a chef in his or her own right and responsible for all sauces. Today they are still found in the top restaurants. For the common mortal, only the main item of equipment remains accessible. Which is reason itself to take care in choosing your sauce boat, added to which is the obvious detail that a sauce is not just a last minute addition to accompany the meal but an essential element of the dish. There is even a French saying that "the sauce is more important than the fish". So, no excuse for not presenting it with elegance, with sauce boat, saucer and the appropriate spoon of course. In this domain Saulaie recommends without hesitation the porcelain from Raynaud and Italian silverware, references that ensure you cannot go wrong.



One sauce boat, five uses


Using a sauce boat for gravy and sauces may be totally obvious, but why not go even further? Isn't vinaigrette a sauce as well? Why not serve it in a sauce boat and leave your guests to dress their salad to their taste? And then there are all the creams, whether savoury or sweet, that would be perfect served this way. Without forgetting the fruit or vegetable coulis as well. Suddenly whatever the meal, whatever the dish, the sauce boat has become an indispensable item on your table.

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