Salad bowl

It's not because the term "saladier" can also mean a Billy Liar in French, nor because it reminds us of the helmet of infantrymen between 1915 and 1918, that it should not grace your table. In cooking, salad is a convivial dish by excellence, more tender to bite into than a medievial combat helmet (also called "salad" in French). The world of salads stands out for its great variety of recipes and a vast range of salad bowls and salad containers . An area in which Saulaie offers you precious pointers. Read more


A salad bowl in traditional wood

Saulaie proposes a large range of salad bowls: wooden or transparent bowl in acrylic, easycare, for nice summer salads; in glass for a fruit salad, a creamy dessert or a mousse; in hammered stainless steel with a very elegant brushed interior; in porcelain which will go with any dining service, even the most sophisticated. The Bourdelle range, in Italian ceramic, with its bubbles in relief, reserves its rightful place as an original salad bowl. A gesture towards the more amusing and/or elegant, at very reasonable prices.

Design salad bowl for the more audacious recipes

Renewed source of inspiration for top chefs and cooks, salad is a natural in the modern culinary trend. An audacious recipe looks all the better served in a design salad bowl than in a dish of both over-classic shape and material. Shiny stainless steel, hammered or brushed, is extremely popular. Or you can choose to be even trendier by choosing brushed crystal, for a very rare striped and aesthetically interesting effect.

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