Glasses & flutes

A beautiful table, traditionally laid, will have almost as many glasses as plates.  Water glass , red wine glass, white wine glass, dessert wine glass (or  champagne glass )... So to make thing simpler it is always best to have a complete range of table glasses to be able to use the right glass, for the right occasion and above all avoid mixing the remains of one wine at the bottom of the glass with the wine for the next course, always regrettable in terms of taste. Read more


The water glass, although it is often little used, is the largest and placed to the left. Next come the wine glasses. The choice of design for a wine glass is not simply a question of aesthetics, its shape is particularly important for the connoisseur. The red wine glass is smaller than the water glass (placed to the right of the latter) and slightly larger than the white wine glass. Ideally being narrower at the top it enables a better conservation of the aromas. This last point is less important for white wine glasses (placed to the right of the red wine glass), the smallest of the four glasses traditionally used when laying a table for a formal meal. The tulip shapes are the most appropriate for sweet white or fortified sweet wines. If you have decided to offer champagne with the dessert, then the flute or saucer should be placed to the right of the white wine glass. Even if legend recounts that the first champagne saucer was moulded on the perfect breast of the Marquise de Pompadour, the champagne flute has widely replaced it. The reasons being for taste (the bubbles take longer to escape) and it is more practical (the flute being easier to hold).

A stemmed glass whatever the occasion

From the vast range of models available, Maison Saulaie has carefully selected a range of stemmed glasses that is sufficiently broad to meet every need, notably in terms of crystal glasses.

Elegant and refined, the Rambouillet service, in Cristal d'Arques, is evocative of courtesy and distinction. It is a balanced design (water glass, wine glass and, if necessary, champagne flute), that will give a stylish lift to your table without 'going over the top'. The Chevreuse collection, in lead-free crystal, is as affordable as the Rambouillet design and offers similar qualities, even if the pattern is a little more elaborate.

The Saulaie selection then allows you to move to a higher level, with the Cristal de Sèvres collections (four glasses) for a particularly well-laid table. The shapes of the bowls are varied: cup-shaped (Beaubourg), funnel-shaped (Florian), flower-shaped (Chenonceaux), rounded (Pailly), tulip-shaped (Saint Germain)…

An insulated glass: a Saulaie favourite

A drinking glass, but it can also be used as a verrine. The Arpège insulated glass with its lightweight design offers a double wall to maintain the temperature (warm or cold) of its contents. It is the only glass without a stem offered here by Saulaie, selected for its originality and particularly decorative potential (notably as an individual verrine). This glass is also available as a cup for an expresso, at the end of a meal.

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