Whisky glass

Beneath the invisible dome of smoky peaty aromas, tasking a good whisky is a very special moment. With this in mind it is evident that choosing the right whisky glass is of prime importance. The thickness of the bottom and width of the diameter are the characteristics of the tumbler, the most common crystal whisky glass . It was therefore natural for Maison Saulaie to decide to offer a selection of straight-sided glasses, designed for the two main families of whisky: blends and single malts. The first can be served with water or ice added in the Chevreuse lead-free crystal glasses or in a designer whisky tumbler,  on a  hunting theme . For a single malt or single barrel whisky then the elegance of Crystal de Sèvres is a must and is available in several shapes: square or round, straight or sloping sides. These glasses are also ideal for a short or dry cocktail. Read more


Why not a brandy glass?

Getting out the whisky service for an after-dinner drink (or for Saint Patrick's day) is common practice. Which explains the presence of a brandy glass amongst the Saulaie selection of whisky tumblers. Because nothing stops you using a brandy glass to enjoy a tot of whisky, as certain specialists recommend. Although visually the whisky may be attractive at the bottom of a wide straight-sided glass that enables it to be oxygenated and opened, this is not necessarily the best design for tasting. Without the closed upper lip the aromas cannot be contained. The balloon shaped glass offers this double characteristic: a wide base and closed neck. A useful investment that is particularly useful to learn to taste, from time to time, a whisky of exceptional quality.

A complete whisky service

For those who prefer using a whisky decanter and ice bucket, Saulaie offers a very flexible possibility when order whisky tumblers in Cristal de Sèvres. You can simply add, to your glass order, the matching decanter or ice bucket and thus create a complete, harmonious and elegant ensemble.

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